Datganiad i'r wasg gan grŵp aBer mewn ymateb i gyhoeddiadau diweddaraf y Bwrdd Iechyd

Hoffai grŵp aBer gymryd y cyfle hwn i ddiolch i’r holl bobl yng Nghanolbarth Cymru sydd wedi helpu gyda’r ymgyrch am wasanaeth iechyd gweddus i’n hardal.  Mae canlyniadau ymgynghoriad Hywel Dda yn ymddangos i fod yn newyddion da i Fronglais.

Yn awr mae’n rhaid i ni weld datblygiadau sy’n rhoi sylwedd i’r addewid o gael adran Damweiniau ac Achosion Brys a llawdriniaeth.  Heb theatrau, gweliau a staff i gynnal llawdriniaeth mae datblygiad y gwasanaeth hwn yn amhosib.  Heb wasanaethau priodol, staff a chynhwysedd yng nghorff yr ysbyty, dim ond canolfan asesu ydy’r pen blaen (A&E).  Dim ond breuddwyd hardd ydy’r dyhead i gael gwasanaethau cymunedol os nad ydy’r adnoddau angenrheidiol mewn lle.

Edrychwn ymlaen at gyhoeddiadau yn fuan gan Fwrdd Iechyd Hywel Dda ynglŷn â recriwtio staff a dyrannu adnoddau er mwyn cyflawni eu addewidion, er mwyn cael gwasanaeth iechyd gweddus i bobl Canolbarth Cymru wedi ei danategu gan Ysbyty Cyffredinol Rhanbarthol cryf.

Datganiad i'r wasg (Mewn Saesneg):

The retention of full Accident and Emergency and Orthopaedic services at Bronglais is very good news. They are significant components of Health Care required for the People of Mid Wales in Mid Wales. That said with gratitude and relief, we must continue to be concerned for the future.

Hywel Dda Board are committed to a ruthless and continuing reduction in the number of hospital beds except for Glangwili Hospital at Carmarthen. To the severe cuts to date in Ceredigion are now added further Community hospital cuts at Tregaron. These are in tandem with associated hospital nurse reductions and we see little evidence of any significant in crease in Community nurse numbers.

What is the significance of such a bed provision strategy?  With regard to Bronglais it is a significant loss of in-patient capacity, particularly with regard to pre planned major surgery. This is in the context of already high and unacceptable cancellation rates for such operations. The Community Hospital beds which previously enabled step down care out of Bronglais are now being cut, compounding the problem. The Board will argue that service requirements will be met by increased Day Case Surgery.  However that does not answer the problem posed.

What the Board is about in our view is creating a situation where inevitably all pre-planned major surgery will take place elsewhere, probably Carmarthen, with the exception of breast surgery at Llanelli.  Patients from Mid Wales, and surgeons based at Bronglais will be required to comply.  Breast care apart, this is not what the people of Mid Wales want, nor what large and significant numbers of them went to tell the Minister in Cardiff.

"Bigger is Better" is a constant Board and Ministerial refrain. Bronglais data negates this as we have shown recently (see "Small is beautiful"). Because of concerns for patient safety, equity and fairness, and a very practical professional overview the National Clinical Forum advised the Minister and Hywel Dda that in their view there had to be a strong and independent Hospital in Mid Wales at Bronglais. We remain unconvinced that Hywel Dda is adhering to this advice.

To show its commitment the Board must take steps to increase beds available at Bronglais.  It should advertise the now vacant Consultant surgeon post in the National Press, and cease to require consultants based at Bronglais to operate at Glangwili. Hospital nurse numbers need to be strengthened as well as skill balances ensured.

There needs to be an urgent and honest rengageament with the public concerning Obstetric arrangements at Bronglais and the provision of in patient Psychiatric services in Mid Wales.

Finally it must engage in a meaningful way with its Consultant staff (who have many new and exciting ideas) and others to develop and enact a Mid Wales Health plan which has a mind set, set apart from that of the M4 corridor but flexible and vibrant enough to to co work and network in the context of both new and old frameworks.

William Roberts. 17/1/2013.

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