Datganiad i'r wasg gan grwp aBer - 1 Medi 2012

We see the Health Boards surrounding Mid Wales putting forward Health Plans for Public Consultation which are focused on their Board Areas.  We are alarmed at the prospect of Health Service Provisions becoming increasingly centred on the A55 and M4 corridors, to the detriment of the people of Mid Wales who more and more feel uncared for, angry, and unjustly treated.

We therefore wish to make our position clear at this time.

Our Aims are

  •     1. To call upon the Minister for a coherent Health Services Strategy for the People of Mid Wales, enabled by a suitable Management and Administrative Structure that is properly resourced.
  •     2. That Bronglais Hospital is enabled to provide full District General Hospital services as required by such a Strategy.
  •     3. That Social Services within Mid Wales are arranged to match an agreed Health Services Strategy.


To this end we are opposed ;

  •     1. To the closure of any Community Beds within Mid Wales until a Mid Wales step-down bed requirement strategy has been worked out, and alternative bed options clarified and agreed.
  •     2. To any further Bronglais Ward closures and bed reductions until a coherent Mid Wales Health Strategy has been worked out, and which may well require additional beds at Bronglais.
  •     3. To any staff and skill reductions until such a Health Strategy has been agreed.


To enable Bronglais to fit the needs of such a Mid Wales Health Strategy we believe that ;

  •     1. The two newly appointed Consultant Surgeons should be allowed and encouraged to develop their work to the full at Bronglais in properly refurbished theatres and with sufficient in-patient beds to meet their needs.
  •     2. The Orthopaedic Surgeons be similarly enabled, in order that the Surgical Specialities in their entirety, fully meet the needs required of a District General Hospital in Mid Wales, by the People of Mid Wales.
  •     3. The Accident and Emergency Unit is similarly empowered.
  •     4. Full Obstetric Services be restored at Bronglais including the 4 Baby Care beds; described in the 2008 R.C.O.G. report on their recommendations for the future development of Obstetric Care and which is still extant; where the arrangements then in place at Bronglais were highly commended.   [we note that the Public was never consulted when the arrangements were changed by the Health Board, as indeed we believe they were required so to do.]
  •      5. The Mental Health in-patient services on Afallon Ward be reopened and properly staffed both in number and with the required skills.


Finally we regard the Hywel Dda Primary Care and Community Care plans as unrealistic and not deliverable for at least 4 years, as G.P. and Community Staff are currently overwhelmed with work.  We do not see the money required available, nor the training and skilling needs required in place.               

William J.C. Roberts.

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