Arbed Bronglais - Ymunwch ag ymgyrch aBer i gadw gwasanaethau ym Mronglais

Ymgyrch ydym a sefydlwyd i amddiffyn gwasanaethau yn Ysbyty Bronglais, Aberystwyth.  Er gwaetha'r ffaith fod Bronglais yn gwasanaethu ardal ehangach nag unrhyw ysbyty arall yng Nghymru, mae, credwch neu beidio, dan fygythiad o gael ei israddio.  Am ei fod mewn lleoliad strategol pwysig yng Nghanolbarth Cymru, dylai gwasanaethau ym Mronglais gael eu cynyddu, nid lleihau.


Mae Bwrdd Iechyd Hywel Dda wedi gwrthod yn ddiysgog i wrando ar bobl Canolbarth Cymru, ac maent yn amharod i rannu gwybodaeth am wir ehangder eu cynlluniau.


Ymunwch â'n hymgyrch HEDDIW a brwydrwch i gadw gwasanaethau yn EICH YSBYTY.

Erthyglau Cambrian News - 23 February 2012

Dyma erthyglau o'r Cambrian News ar 23 Chwefror 2012:

BRONGLAIS Hospital will continue to undertake colorectal surgery if health chiefs can recruit two consultants to replace retiring staff, Hywel Dda Health Board’s chief executive has insisted.

But the claim by Trevor Purt when he addressed Ceredigion councillors was questioned by Cllr Gareth Lloyd,
who pointed out the word “IF” in his statement.

Mr Purt said the health board wanted to ensure that colo-rectal and abdominal surgery could be performed at Bronglais Hospital and said he had never suggested the colo-rectal unit would close.

However, he did admit that colo-rectal cancer surgery would be centralised under the board’s preferred option.
While councillors welcomed the fact that the majority of colo-rectal surgery would remain at Bronglais, there was
concern that it was dependent on the health board successfully recruiting staff.

Although medical director Dr Simon Mahon said the board was confident of recruiting staff, he had earlier said that advice to the board had suggested it was “highly unlikely” they would be able to recruit the two general surgeons necessary.

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Erthyglau Cambrian News - 16 Chwefror 2012

Dyma erthyglau o'r Cambrian News ar 16 Chwefror 2012:

POLITICIANS and community councils have pledged to work together to fight any moves to remove services from Bronglais Hospital.

MPs and AMs from Ceredigion, Powys and Gwynedd attended the public meeting at Aberystwyth along with community council representatives from the three counties and vowed that the fight to protect the hospital will not be diluted by political bickering.

Ceredigion AM Elin Jones and MP Mark Williams were joined at the meeting by Mid and West Wales AM Simon Thomas, Gwynedd MP Elfyn Llwyd and Montgomeryshire AM Russell George, as well as representatives from community councils in Dolgellau, Tywyn, Aberaeron, Tregaron and Machynlleth and a host of Ceredigion county councillors, including council leader Keith Evans and chief executive Bronwen Morgan.

And there was support for Bronglais from all corners. Mr Williams accused Hywel Dda of a “stitch up” over its plan and warned that unless there is a concerted fight, the hospital will lose vital services.

He said: “It is a consultation on their terms. It is not a consultation, it is a stitch up. Make no doubt about it, lives will be lost. If Hywel Dda has done anything it has galvanised us in this community. We’re all united regardless of political party or age. We’re all united in this.”

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Erthyglau yn y Cambrian News - 9 Chwefror 2012

Dyma erthyglau o'r Cambrian News ar 9 Chwefror 2012:

WALES'S Health Minister has refused to intervene after Bronglais Hospital consultants launched an attack on Hywel Dda Health Board claiming they had “lost all confidence” in the health board.

Angry consultants sent a letter, signed by 50 of the hospital’s 60 consultants, accusing health chiefs of reneging on an agreement on emergency hospital services and of putting forward proposals that are “frankly dangerous”, but the health board’s chief executive Trevor Purt has said he is surprised and disappointed at the criticism.
And despite the breakdown in the relationship between the health board and senior consultants, health minister Lesley Griffiths has dismissed the row and claimed it has nothing to do with the Welsh Government.

During a debate at the Assembly, Ms Griffiths said she could not comment on the consultants’ letter as she had not seen it, but a spokesperson later said: “This is a matter for Hywel Dda Local Health Board.”

Ms Griffiths has already been accused of avoiding responsibility in the ongoing controversy over health board plans for the future of hospital services, with critics claiming she is trying to push through centralisation of services while allowing health boards to be the focus of public anger.

The letter from consultants is the latest step in an increasingly angry back-lash against health board chiefs, with consultants claiming the board would be putting patients in north Ceredigion, Powys and Gwynedd at risk by centralising services at Carmarthen.

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Araith gan Jack Evershed ar 29ain Chwefror ym Mhrotest Caerdydd

Ar Ddydd Mercher 29ain Chwefror, teithiodd dros 700 o ymgyrchwyr o Ganolbarth Cymru lawr i Gaerdydd i leisio eu gofidion dros ddyfodol Ysbyty Bronglais.

Fe wnaeth Jack Evershed, o grŵp aBer, yr araith ganlynol (Saesneg yn unig):

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you all for making the tremendous effort to get here today. I know there are people representing a huge number of local communities across Mid Wales. I have had the privilege of meeting and talking to many of you in our meetings across our area. Today is the result of our dismay at the inappropriate planning of health services for us and anger at our complete disenfranchisement in that process. For example very many people canvassed for the original and comprehensive Front of House development at Bronglais rather than the current impoverished and inadequate porch being built. We are customers of three different Health Boards but only one District General Hospital- Bronglais. It appears to be beyond the imagination or capability of Hywel Dda Health Board to run Bronglais in a way that caters to our needs. Bronglais needs to be managed in a dynamic and innovative way, not by adopting easy or convenient standardised models. So we are here today with a simple message to the people working within this building who are in a position to facilitate such management.

We, the people of Mid Wales have a moral, ethical and legal right to the same level of health care as anyone else in Wales. One look at the maps displayed here today will show that if the degradation of services at Bronglais is not reversed then the people within these walls cannot meet their duty to prevent the violation of that right.

We demand that our Minister protect Bronglais from its continuing death by a thousand cuts and urgently finds a way to provide appropriate management for Bronglais that is responsive to and responsible for its entire catchment population.

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