Save Bronglais - Join aBer in our campaign to keep services at Bronglais Hospital

We are a campaign set up to protect services at Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth.  Despite the fact that Bronglais services a larger area than any other hospital in Wales, it is, rather incredibly, under threat of being downgraded.  Due to its strategic position in Mid Wales, services at Bronglais need to be enhanced, not reduced.


The Hywel Dda Health Board have steadfastly refused to listen to the people of Mid Wales, and are reluctant to share information about the true extent of their plans.

Join our campaign TODAY and fight to keep services at YOUR HOSPITAL.

aBer Campaign Meeting - October 2012

We would like to thank everybody who attended the meeting on Friday.  

For those who couldn't make it, or those who wish to go over some of the points raised again, please feel free to download the attached powerpoint slides.

Alternatively, the slides are available on YouTube.

Download this file (WELCOME V2.ppt)aBer Presentation - October 2012[Presentation slides for the October 2012 campaign meeting in Neuadd Goffa Penparcau]690 Kb

aBer Public Meeting to be held in October

There will be a public meeting on 19th October at 7pm in Neuadd Goffa Penparcau, where members of the aBer group will provide an update on the campaign for Mid Wales Health. It is clear that the campaign is now about ensuring that there is a body in charge of Health delivery for Mid Wales with Bronglais as a strong, viable and developing secondary care centre.

The failure of the current Health Board set-up to develop such a strategy means we must all demand something different. Only if we have one Health Board looking after the natural catchment area of Bronglais can a coherent plan for Mid Wales be developed providing the capacity to deliver Health services for the people of Mid Wales in Mid Wales. This is now the focus of our campaign- aBer Iechyd Canolbarth/aBer for Mid Wales Health.

We will let everyone know how they can help and how to respond to the current Health Board consultations.

Thankyou for your continued support

Press relaease by the aBer group - 1 September 2012

We see the Health Boards surrounding Mid Wales putting forward Health Plans for Public Consultation which are focused on their Board Areas.  We are alarmed at the prospect of Health Service Provisions becoming increasingly centred on the A55 and M4 corridors, to the detriment of the people of Mid Wales who more and more feel uncared for, angry, and unjustly treated.

We therefore wish to make our position clear at this time.

Our Aims are

  •     1. To call upon the Minister for a coherent Health Services Strategy for the People of Mid Wales, enabled by a suitable Management and Administrative Structure that is properly resourced.
  •     2. That Bronglais Hospital is enabled to provide full District General Hospital services as required by such a Strategy.

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Bro Ddyfi Save Bronglais Campaign Newsletter No. 2 - August 2012

Hywel Dda Health board published its Consultation Document with definite proposals for Bronglais Hospital on 6th August. Many of you will have read the recent press statement in The Cambrian News, from Dr William Roberts, of the Aber Group. The Campaign so far has made an impact; but all is not over, we need to be vigilant and keep up the pressure. Here are some of the main points that apply to the Dyfi Valley, for those of you who haven’t seen it... (please click 'more' to read full newsletter)

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aBer Group Press Release in Response to Health Board Announcements

Here is a press release signed by Dr William Roberts of the aBer Campaign Group:

We are pleased that Services at Bronglais hospital which were under threat some months ago, now appear to be secure, thanks to the people of Mid Wales who went to Cardiff to protest [over 850 of them] and the Hospital Consultants who were prepared to write to the Minister. We are however sorry that this would appear to be at the cost of services at Llanelli. We do not think that this is a proper way to run a Health Service.

The Services threatened were General Surgery, Accident and Emergency, Trauma and Orthopaedics, and Chemotherapy all of which will now be delivered at Bronglais.

Major Colo Rectal Surgery will also continue at Bronglais, but the Board is saying that minor laparoscopic surgery in the speciality will take place at Withybush hospital. We say that all aspects of this particular speciality should be undertaken at Bronglais.

The Board's Obstetric Strategy remains to care for pregnant women at higher risk in a centre in the South.  However the Board now admits that this option may not be sustainable. We think that this is a more realistic view and support the concept of an Obstetric Unit in the South and a much strengthened Consultant led and indeed delivered service at Bronglais.  We note that the Board uses the 2008 RCOG report as its reason to seek to centralize these services. Somewhat illogically, it omits to mention that the report at its end advocates two exceptional small units of which Bronglais is one, which it commends and as a safe and desirable way of delivering modern quality obstetric service in the context of rurality. This is what we now seek with a Paediatric unit which was present, fully reinstated with the 4 baby beds described in the 2008 RCOG report rather than the overnight provision currently offered.

We call for the return of the Mental Health in-patient facility beds, recently closed for staffing reasons, to Bronglais as a matter of urgency.

Hywel Dda Board is saying that it intends to close both Tregaron and Aberaeron Hospitals.  We contend that these units should stay open in the same way as we would protest any closure of wards at Bronglais. We give as our reason the Board's stated promise that no change in service provision will occur without safe and viable alternatives being provided.  This brings us to the Board's strategy for the Community which we argue is not deliverable. We say this as the Board has already admitted elsewhere that General Medical Practitioner manpower in its area is problematic. There is an aging GP population who find it hard to recruit. They are fully stretched - witness the cry for more GP Appointments across Wales, along with less waiting times for those appointments. These doctors are fully stretched.  Where realistically are they to find time to do Minor A. and E., preoperative assessments, and increased care of patients newly released from hospital at an earlier stage than previously was the case.  Furthermore, where is the money coming from at a time when the budget is being cut drastically?  Buildings will be built and £40m is allocated, but extra will be needed to extend surgeries throughout the area. Equipment will be needed, and more to the point, a large programme of Nurse Education will have to be funded and provided.  If all the required resources were now available, which they are not, we estimate five years as the minimum time it will take to create a pan Hywel Dda service of the sort that the Board describes.   

William Roberts


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